Minivator 2000 Stairlift

rentalsFor those in Cornwall, Plymouth and South Devon that live in houses with stairs that aren’t straight, the Minivator 2000 curved stairlift is tailored to meet your needs exactly.

The Minivator 2000 is a well establish and versatile stairlift system, with some of the tightest track bends available from anyone; it can accommodate a wide range of staircase configurations and will hug 2000-Frontthe edge of your staircase.

The twin rail system provides a safe and smooth ride and whilst available in two colours as standard, light grey or gun metal, it can actually be supplied in any colour to match your décor.

Minivator curved stairlifts can travel around corners, across intermediate landings and even up spiral staircases! They are tailored for your individual staircase so you know the track will fit snugly while giving you a smooth ride.

Optional powered features are to fold the footplate and to swivel the seat at the top of the staircase to allow for ease of exit.

The track can be designed to take you from the ground floor directly onto the landing level, to suit your needs exactly.

The Minivator 2000 curved stairlift can be combined with powered automatic hinge solution to prevent the track from obscuring any doorway at the base of the stairs.